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  • Streamline Operations: Simplify processes, save time, and reduce costs.

  • Boost Engagement: Enhance customer interactions across all platforms.

  • Drive Growth: Increase leads and conversions with targeted strategies.

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Propel Your Business Beyond Limits

Navigate Business Roadblocks

  • Comprehensive Marketing Management

When juggling multiple marketing software, managing leads, crafting sales funnels, creating websites and nurturing relationships can be overwhelming.

  • Expensive CRM Software

The need for expensive CRM software can be a burden.

  • Inefficient Sales Process

An inefficient sales process can lead to lost sales opportunities.

  • Tracking Marketing Performance

Tracking marketing campaign performance can be challenging due to the need for consolidating data from various channels and accurately interpreting metrics to gauge effectiveness.

  • Limited Software Features

Limited features in software platforms can significantly restrict the scalability and flexibility needed for businesses to adapt and grow.

  • All-in-One Tool

Suitebear has redefined efficiency for businesses by integrating marketing, sales, CRM functionalities and other marketing tools into a single, powerful platform.

  • Built-in CRM

Suitebear has a built-in CRM, eliminating the need for expensive CRM software.

  • Sales Automation

Suitebear automates the sales process, increasing efficiency and conversion rates.

  • Detailed Reporting

Suitebear provides detailed reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to precisely track their marketing performance. This allows in-depth understanding of campaign effectiveness, helping to make informed decisions for future strategies.

  • Unlimited Features

Suitebear offers unlimited features, allowing you to create as many contacts, websites, sales funnels, campaigns, workflows, courses, etc., as you like.

Streamline Client Connections, Boost Engagement

Customer Relationship Management



Smart Lead Tracking

Effortlessly capture and manage leads with our intuitive CRM. Stay on top of every opportunity with real-time tracking and management.


Automated Follow-Ups

Keep leads engaged with automated follow-up emails and notifications, ensuring consistent communication and interest.


Insightful Analytics

Gain deep insights into lead behavior and preferences with our comprehensive analytics, helping you tailor your approach for maximum conversion.



Efficient Lead Conversion

Accelerate your sales cycle with quick, professional proposals. Turn prospects into clients faster with our streamlined proposal process.


Customizable Templates

Create compelling proposals that resonate with your leads using our customizable templates, enhancing engagement and response rates.


Secure Digital Signatures

Close deals securely and efficiently with digital signature capabilities, ensuring a smooth end-to-end lead conversion experience.



Seamless Transaction Experience

Provide a hassle-free payment process for your leads with integrated payment solutions, enhancing their trust and likelihood to convert.


Quick Invoicing

Generate and send invoices effortlessly, speeding up the payment cycle and improving lead to customer conversion.


Multiple Payment Options

Cater to all your leads with a variety of payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility for faster deal closure.

Sales Pipeline


Customizable Pipelines

Tailor your sales pipeline to match your unique process, ensuring efficient lead management and tracking.


Automated Pipeline Movement

Automate the progression of leads through different stages, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.


Pipeline Analytics

Utilize detailed reports to identify bottlenecks and optimize your sales pipeline for better lead conversion rates.

Appointment Booking


Automated Scheduling

Reduce no-shows and streamline scheduling with automated appointment setting and reminders.


Personalized Booking Pages

Create custom booking pages that resonate with your brand, offering a personalized experience for your leads.


Calendar Integration

Sync with popular calendars like Google, iCloud, and Outlook for seamless appointment management.

Automate Tasks, Elevate Efficiency


Workflow Automation


Automated Lead Nurturing

Keep your leads engaged with automated workflows, ensuring consistent communication and nurturing throughout the sales funnel.


Efficiency in Lead Management

Streamline lead management processes with automation, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities and lead engagement.


Personalized Lead Journeys

Create personalized lead journeys based on behaviour and interactions, enhancing lead experience and conversion probability.

Conversation AI Bot


24/7 Lead Engagement

Never miss a lead interaction with our AI-powered conversation bot, available to engage and qualify leads around the clock.


Intelligent Lead Qualification

Utilize AI to intelligently qualify leads, ensuring your team focuses on the most promising prospects.


Automated Responses

Provide instant, relevant responses to lead inquiries, maintaining engagement and interest.

Workflow AI-Chat GPT


AI-Driven Lead Interactions

Enhance lead engagement with AI-driven conversations, offering personalized and relevant interactions at scale.


Automated Follow-Ups

Keep leads warm with automated, AI-crafted follow-up messages, ensuring continuous engagement.


Efficient Lead Qualification

Use AI to quickly identify and qualify high-potential leads, optimizing your sales team's focus and efforts.

Speed, Simplicity, Success: Get Your Site Live in Minutes

Site Builder



Lead-Capturing Design

Build websites optimized for lead capture with our intuitive design tools, ensuring every visitor is a potential lead.


SEO-Optimized Content

Attract more leads with SEO-optimized website content, increasing visibility and traffic.


Responsive and Engaging Layouts

Ensure a seamless user experience across devices, keeping leads engaged and more likely to convert.

Sales Funnel


Optimized Conversion Paths

Design sales funnels that effectively guide leads towards conversion, with clear calls-to-action and persuasive content.


Lead Segmentation

Segment leads within the funnel for targeted communication, increasing relevance and conversion rates.


Analytics-Driven Optimization

Use funnel analytics to continuously optimize for higher conversion rates, understanding where leads drop off and why.



Streamlined Shopping Experience

Provide a seamless e-commerce experience to convert leads into customers with ease.


Abandoned Cart Recovery

Re-engage leads who abandoned their carts with targeted messages and offers, increasing conversion rates.


Product Recommendations

Use personalized product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell, enhancing lead value and conversion.



Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Attract and engage leads with informative and compelling blog content, establishing your brand as a thought leader.


SEO-Driven Articles

Utilize SEO strategies in your blog to increase visibility and attract more leads through organic search.


Lead Capture Forms

Integrate lead capture forms within your blog posts to convert readers into leads.

Smart Webchat


Instant Lead Engagement

Engage website visitors instantly with smart webchat, capturing leads at the peak of their interest.


Automated Chat Responses

Use automated responses to provide immediate assistance, keeping leads engaged and informed.


Lead Qualification

Qualify leads through interactive webchat conversations, directing high-potential leads to your sales team.

Amplify Your Reach, Enhance Engagement


Email Marketing


Targeted Lead Campaigns

Create and send targeted email campaigns to nurture and convert leads into customers.


Personalization for Higher Engagement

Use personalization techniques in your emails to increase engagement and connection with leads.


Performance Tracking

Monitor email campaign performance to understand what resonates with your leads, continuously optimizing for better results.

Forms & Surveys


Lead Data Collection

Gather valuable information from leads through custom forms and surveys, aiding in personalized marketing efforts.


Interactive Lead Qualification

Use interactive forms to qualify leads, ensuring your team focuses on the most promising prospects.


Instant Lead Capture

Capture leads instantly with strategically placed forms and surveys across your digital platforms.

Affiliate Marketing


Expand Reach through Affiliates

Leverage affiliate marketing to broaden your reach and attract more leads through trusted networks.


Performance-Based Growth

Grow your lead base with a performance-based approach, paying for results and conversions.


Affiliate Tracking and Management

Easily track and manage affiliate performance, understanding which channels bring in the most valuable leads.

Social Planner


Strategic Social Media Engagement

Plan and execute strategic social media campaigns to attract and engage leads across platforms.


Content Calendar for Consistency

Maintain a consistent presence on social media with a well-planned content calendar, keeping your brand top-of-mind for leads.


Analytics for Optimized Performance

Use social media analytics to understand lead behaviour and preferences, tailoring your strategy for maximum engagement.



Build Trust with Leads

Enhance your brand's reputation to build trust with potential leads, influencing their decision to engage with your business.


Manage Online Reviews

Actively manage online reviews to maintain a positive brand image, attracting more leads.


Reputation Insights

Gain insights into your brand's reputation and use this information to improve lead perception and attraction.



Data-Driven Lead Strategies

Utilize comprehensive reporting to inform your lead generation strategies, focusing on what works best.


Track Lead Sources and Conversions

Understand where your leads are coming from and what leads to conversions, optimizing your marketing efforts.


Performance Analysis

Analyse the performance of all lead generation activities, continuously improving for higher conversion rates.

Build Exclusive Communities, Foster Loyalty


Online Courses


Lead Engagement through Education

Offer online courses to engage leads, providing value and establishing your expertise.


Capture Leads with Course Sign-ups

Use course sign-ups as an opportunity to capture lead information, growing your database.


Nurture Leads with Educational Content

Nurture leads with educational content, building a relationship and guiding them towards conversion.



Build a Community of Potential Leads

Create and nurture online communities to build a pool of engaged, potential leads.


Engage and Convert within the Community

Actively engage with your community, converting members into leads and customers over time.


Leverage Community Insights

Use insights from community interactions to understand lead needs and preferences, tailoring your offerings for better conversion.

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Boundless Features, Limitless Potential: One standard plan for all-encompassing success.

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Automations

  • Unlimited Forms

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Pipelines

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Courses

  • Unlimited Users

  • A/B Split Testing

  • And much more!

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Still Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Suitebear?

Suitebear is the premier marketing suite designed for businesses ready to scale. Offering a flat monthly rate, it provides full access to an extensive array of marketing tools. You can add unlimited contacts and users, ensuring your team has everything they need to succeed—all under one roof.

What is included in Suitebear?

• Full CRM

• Form, Survey, Funnel, and Website Builders

• Online Scheduling & Calendar suite

• Pipeline Opportunity & /Deal Management

• Consolidated SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and Email

• Conversation Stream

• Reputation & Review Management

• WordPress Hosting (Additional subscription)

• Social Media Planner

• Workflow/Automation Builder

• Invoicing & Payments

• AI Powered Content Fields

• and much more!

What do I get when I sign up for the 14 day free trial?

You get to test out Suitebear without being charged until the trial concludes. Enjoy access to our ready-made templates, pre-built automations, and video tutorials on setups.

Why is Suitebear different than other funnel or website builders?

Suitebear stands out by providing comprehensive marketing features that seamlessly integrate with your funnels and websites, eliminating the need for plugins or external software to capture crucial data. Our intuitive drag-and-drop builders, coupled with in-built AI content generation and ready-made templates, ensure a user-friendly experience that enhances your marketing efforts.

Can I duplicate Funnels or other assets from one Suitebear account to another?

Absolutely. If you need to duplicate assets between Suitebear accounts, simply reach out to us for assistance. Let us know which assets you'd like transferred and to which account, and we'll handle the rest for you.

Is there a fee for receiving software/Suitebear updates?

Absolutely not. Continuous updates, including new templates, are provided at no additional cost. All updates and new features are seamlessly integrated into your Suitebear account without any action required on your part.

Can Suitebear manage high traffic volumes?

Definitely! Suitebear operates on the world's most extensive public cloud infrastructure, utilizing Amazon's capabilities and Cloudflare's backup. This setup offers us an essentially limitless scaling capacity to handle any data volume without performance hiccups.

How secure is my information?

Ensuring your data's security is our utmost concern. Suitebear is built on cutting-edge technology to guarantee that your information remains protected and secure. There's no need to stress over updating "plugins" that might be vulnerable to breaches.

Who has ownership over the data, content, and contacts?

The ownership rests entirely with you. Suitebear claims no rights to use or access your content or to communicate with your contacts for any purpose.

How much does it cost to send out emails and SMS messages?

The cost for sending emails and SMS messages varies based on your monthly usage, aligning with common practices across marketing software. As this service is provided through a white label partner, we do not dictate these costs.

Importantly, we do not add any additional fees, ensuring you're not paying extra for these communications. Specifically, for $10, you can expect approximately 680 outbound calls, 1125 inbound calls, or 1205 SMS messages. For emails, $10 enables you to send around 14,285 emails.

What other third-party partners are available in Suitebear?

Suitebear integrates with a variety of third-party features, available through a credit system that you can top up. This means you will only be charged for using these features.

Third-Party Features Available:

• Conversation AI: $49

• WhatsApp: $10

• WordPress: $10

Here's what you can expect with a $10 top-up:

• Premium Triggers & Actions: $10 provides approximately 950 premium workflow actions.

• Email Verification: $10 allows for about 3,845 email verifications.

• Content AI: With $10, you can generate around 105,820 words or create 160 images.

• Workflow AI: $10 offers about 315 Workflow AI operations.

• Conversation AI: $10 will give you about 475 Message.

• Reviews AI: $10 will give you about 120 review response.

• WhatsApp Conversation: $10 covers about 130 WhatsApp conversations.

Do you have anyone to assist me when I start out?

Absolutely, we offer video tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base to jumpstart your Suitebear journey. Plus, we have a 24/7 support to help you out if you're stuck!

What if I get stuck or need help with something?

We recognize that dealing with technology can sometimes be challenging, and we don't expect you to navigate everything alone. Our 24/7 support team will be there to assist you.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes. A dedicated 24/7 support team ready to provide instant assistance via chat and Zoom. This service comes with interactive guides covering both existing and newly released features, designed to help you fully leverage them to your advantage.

What is the process for cancelling a Suitebear subscription?

Cancelling is straightforward—simply proceed to the billing section and cancel your subscription. You're free to cancel at any time, with no questions asked.

Cancel Anytime. No Questions Asked.

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